Eighty days have passed since the arrest of MP Hassan Yaacoub; Eighty days of blackout and slyness are capable of causing controversy among Harakat Amal members.
Hassan Yaacoub, the Shiite MP and the son of Mohammad Yaacoub kidnapped and disappeared with Imam Moussa Al-Sadr and Journalist Abbas Badreddin , was arrested on Dec. 18 ,2015 . This occurred due to Yaacoub’s plotting to lure Hannibal Gaddafi (son of Mouammar Gaddafi) from Syria to Lebanon and to torture him physically in order to give information about the absence of his father and his companions. Notably, this incident occurs for the first time with a Shiite leader, who is not supported by his religious sect in such circumstances.
“More than 80 days passed since the detention and none of the Shiite community moved a finger to support my oppressed father”, said Khalil Yaacoub.
Since Harakat Amal headed by Speaker Nabih Berri is intrusted by the Lebanese people on the issue of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr since he is a Shiite. Any news in this topic should be followed up and resolved by Berri and his supporters.
Former Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi assured “the issue of Yaacoub is baseless” . the thing that pushed Khalil to add “Hassan Yaacoub is being held on fabricated charges and that’s nothing, but a political conspiracy”.
In response to that, Harakat Amal represented by Head Of Executive Branch, Mohammad Nasrallah said that the issue of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr is an international affair among Lebanon and Libya and the investigation with Hannibal Gaddafi is of Lebanese judiciary functions in which we wouldn’t interfere.
While Harakat Amal describes kidnapping Gaddafi as “a foolish action , an irresponsible behavior and a ticking time bomb that could lead to cracking of friendship between Lebanon and Syria” , some Libyan sites went far as to accuse Berri of taking advantage of Yaacoub’s detention making deals to get 200 million euros in exchange for the release of Hannibal Gaddafi. In reply, Nasrallah said “we don’t comment on such trifles”.
It should be noted that 38 years passed since the absence of Imam Moussa Al-Sadr with his two companions after their visit to Libya during the rule of Muammar Gaddafi; Yaacoub’s plan of kidnapping Hannibal comes today as the first initiative of its kind for interrogating Libya in general and Gaddafi in particular about the absence of one of Lebanon’s top leaders.
Today afternoon, Yaacoub’s mother was transported to hospital after knowing that Hezbollah failed in convincing Berri to support lifting the injustice of her son. The coming days seem to be sensitive due to the hidden details that may solve the riddle of this issue.