Fatima Al Ahmad, the rebel student from LAU, is the gift on the International Women’s Day to all the Lebanese women.
In the occasion the international Women’s Day , the Lebanese American University held a press conference under the title of “ women in municipal councils to support development”, in presence of Minister of Interior and Municipalities Noohad Al Mashnooq, MP GHassan Mookhaybr and number of journalists and socialists. Mashnooq gave a speech that pointed out the big role played by women in society since they are an essential member of it. He ended up saying “to the Lebanese woman I say, you are not half of the society, you are the society”. Everything went on point until the very last moment, just before Mashnooq left the stage, when Fatima AL Ahmad (a tv/film and theatre student at LAU) set off a bomb in his face. After lecturing for more than 10 minutes about women and urging them to demand gender equality, Mashnooq got offended by Fatima who said “I salute your rotten system for not differentiating between men and women while hitting us during demonstrations”.
Fatima today raised the voice of the Lebanese woman, she revenged for all those who were suffering from repression saying “I got harassed by one of your security forces and laws don’t protect me. We are ruled by such a patriarchal system”.
This brave lady succeeded in embarrassing Mashnooq. Her courage and acclaimed kept the audience’s and the press’s attention as well, for they warmly applauded by an expression of sympathy.
It should be noted that Mashnooq voted against women’s right to pass the Lebanese nationality to their children, he voted against civil marriage, also he voted against giving children of single women the right to have an ID and be legitimate citizens.
Number of attendees questioned if Mashnooq was credible enough to have a say and give a speech about the Lebanese women’s accomplishments while he’s depriving her of her basic rights.
Fatima ended the attack saying “I refuse to be represented by such a hypocrite person”.