In the Middle East, “fashionistas” are taking fashion to another level; it is not just a hobby but a whole world in itself where bloggers reach fame, money and fortune.

Now all forms of social and digital media, including blogs, TV shows, websites and Instagram, are allowing bloggers to really succeed in running their own business through the adoption of the principle of promotion and publicity.

Raseel Fattal, founder of Raseel Jewelry, said “fashion blogging can really turn into real business. I majored in journalism but chose the fashion industry as for my current full-time job.”

Fashion blogs are all over the Internet, and fashion bloggers have turned their blogs into a full-time job. But how do fashion bloggers make money of those pretty pictures of makeup products, tutorials, and brand new clothes?

Raseel answered “fashion bloggers earn money by charging their posts. Therefore, many of those who create their own products tend to post them on their Instagram page to promote them.”

Long gone is the time when bloggers have really crossed over from simply running their own personal sites to starring in campaigns, commercials and even on magazine covers.

Nowadays, we see Fashion bloggers replacing celebrities on the front page of fashion magazines such as “Special Liban”. Companies see digital influencers and bloggers starting to drive more sales than celebrities. Some fashion bloggers have more followers, likes and comments than singers and public figures. And it’s obvious that when you have a bigger audience, you have more sales. Brands are building more campaigns for influencers into their marketing budget. Also, TV shows tend today to host fashion bloggers instead fashion designers. When asked how much do they got paid for each episode, Raseel said “shocking to know that some bloggers pay to be featured on magazines.” This way, magazines are saving more money and fashion bloggers are promoting their products and brands and increasing their audience that helps them in a way or another at the long term to develop their sales.

Other fashion bloggers had the chance to style celebrities including actresses and singers. Their names got featured in video clips, in interviews and on online blogs. They gained more popularity and they got more economical profit.

People often avoid mentioning exact numbers when it comes to salaries or money. When asked how much does it cost to have a personal stylist, MllePaola said “the fees depend on if it’s a part-time or full-time job, if it’s a shopping session or if it’s a full consultation including hair and makeup.”

As mentioned before, fashion bloggers are gaining popularity and are being role models for young girls and teenagers. Concerning followers and audience, MllePaola said “Instagram is the easiest and fastest way to let people interact with you.” Because fashionably speaking, in a world where the image speaks for itself, people tend to be more convinced by visuals.

Today, fashion bloggers are influencer in the fashion industry. They guide their followers and try to get in direct contact with them whenever it’s possible. Recently, many bloggers are creating open events to meet up with their fans and have direct discussions to influence the consumer purchasing decisions. Image consultants and stylists tend to make sessions where they lecture about fashion lifestyle and give tutorials. People get more involved and fashion bloggers gain more popularity.

In addition, fashion consultants build their audience by posting in a daily basis. Raseel said ”people want to know and we have the responsibility to provide them with every single news related to fashion. Otherwise, fashion bloggers are available everywhere online so people can easily ignore you.”