Today, the Lebanese Kataeb Party is holding elections for its students and youth department, endeavoring to be most prominent with its constant renovation and advanced stage of targets.
May 27, 2016 voters were called to attend an electoral debate between the two candidates running for elections – Anthony Labaky and Eddy Nader-, in the presence of Leader of The Lebanese Kataeb Party, Samy Gemayel and the Current President of the Students and Youth Department, Ralph Sahyoun. The debate was held in a democratic process; the two candidates presented their two-years electoral programs revealing their future plans and goals to be achieved and they answered common questions related to personal as well as political issues.
It should be noted that Labaky and Nader have launched their own election campaigns on their social media accounts and they were supported by Kataeb party related pages as well.
In his last press conference, Gemayel, who looked more than proud of this “European experience”, expressed his full appreciation and admiration for the commitment and efforts of the students that reflect a decent image of the whole party. According to him, these elections are a good example to be imitated by other parties and politicians should learn to follow such democratic practices in order to save the political body of corruption.
It’s worth mentioning that the candidates were able to hold fair elections through their cooperation and dedication and therefore the results will remain unknown till the very last moment. And regardless of the outcome, surely the Lebanese Kataeb Party succeeded in teaming up for “first of its kind” experience in the world of politics in Lebanon.
Since the inception of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the students and youth department was able to establish its own touch through its constant presence in the streets calling for freedom and democracy. Hence, it’s not surprising for the Kataeb to be initiating elections within the party to launch young leaders for the future.
At last, all students and youngsters are called today to take advantage of the opportunity granted to them to participate and be part of such a democratic decision-making process. Go vote, because it’s your right and your responsibility. Go vote because your vote counts. Go vote because one person can make a difference and everyone should try!