Samy Gemayel, most known for his fiery political statements hides a softer side to his personality. Today, this side is about to be revealed. Spending an afternoon with Samy and his team was worth hardly-succeeding in penetrating and breaking through his current life as well as his childhood, youth and future plans. Why it was hard though? Because it seems that Samy Gemayel “enjoys” keeping his personal life away from the spotlight.
It’s true that politicians always try to falsify the truth, in a sense that MP and Leader Of The Lebanese Kataeb Party Samy Gemayel, the young politician who was first known as a replica of his uncle president Bachir Gemayel due to his overload loyalty ambition for Lebanon, unintentionally delivers a tough and aggressive character through his political speeches.
The image of Samy Gemayel shown on TV screens remains the same when talking about the dire situation that Lebanon lives as a result of the corruption that dominates the country and which is clearly evident and “unacceptable” in the garbage issue, firmly he says “I will bring the matter upon me and with the help of the judiciary we will put the corrupts in the jail.”
In order to break the seriousness and to maintain a friendly atmosphere, he manages from time to time to draw a smile on his face. However, his facial expressions are able to flip 360 degrees when accusing him of inconsistency, precisely that he rejected the principle of heredity but still he entered the world of politics defined as a member of the Gemayel family, he says “that’s not true since I was not appointed. People decided and elected me because they believed in me.”

The young politician, best known for his fiery speeches, assures that he doesn’t need speech coaches for his “unprompted” announcements. The showman also stints evasion of questions especially when it comes to personal issues.
But, eyes speak louder than words. These smiley-mysterious eyes seem to hide bad childhood memories due to the “black” days spent away from his home, Lebanon, sadly he says “It was agony not being able to spend my childhood in Lebanon. My childhood is blurred; hard to understand or remember clearly.”

Today, Samy seems to have never forgotten the old days spent at his “beloved” university USJ. This time, the smile draws unconsciously on his face when he remembers his adventures in the campus where he lived the “best days of his life.” Also, he defines this period as the beginning of the “real” revolution, he proudly says “we, as students, contributed to end Syria’s occupation of Lebanon through initiating Kataeb Base.”
And about the constant meetings with his spoiled USJ students, he says laughing “they are special to my heart and USJ brings us together. Still, I always seek to make good connections with other universities and I’m still waiting for LAU to invite me!”
Samy Gemayel is surrounded by an adoring team including his assistant Norma Sfeir who sees him as the “most ideal and perfect man she has ever met.”
Two hours spent with Samy Gemayel were more than enough to spot his love to work, his transparency as well as his energy and hype. And his Social Media Manager, Roy Korkomaz, came to assure that five years were more than enough to realize that Samy Gemayel is a workaholic. The day of this hyperactive young man starts at 10 a.m. and never ends. Due to the plentiful meetings with both politicians and civilians, he barely has time for lunch. But still, the 24/7 full schedule of this workaholic does not prevent him from thinking of getting married and establishing family and “yalla it’s never too late!”
According to those close to him, Samy Gemayel is humble and down-to-earth. But, he also seems more than confident to be able to get rid of the title attributed to him since his birth. “Sheikh” does not deceive but bother him as it sets him apart from his people and aims to caste discrimination which he seeks to eliminate through asking people to stop calling him “Sheikh Samy”.
Samy Gemayel cleverly manages to gather people around him. Most probably, the secret lies in his understanding of others and his eagerness to listen to people’s problems and demands, the thing that pushed him to allocate Fridays for open doors to meet anyone who holds a Lebanese identity regardless of his sect and political inclinations.
Indeed, a large delegation came from Tripoli, including citizens, youngsters and a number of Islamic clerics, to express their continued support and love for Gemayel who, according to them, succeeds in bringing Lebanese people together for the sake of the country and who can easily get shy towards compliments by the way.

According to his followers, Samy Gemayel seems to be a consensus president. Still, he himself assured that presidency is not his goal. “Lebanon and its future are my main and only priority”, he says. Accordingly, he sends a message to the Lebanese youth saying “I invite you to join the journey of change. Each one of you is called to help building a bright future for this country for hundreds years to come. Never give up. Lebanon’s future depends on you.”